Monday, September 28, 2009



As I consider settle changes occurring in my life, I’m lost as to words to say. So I am looking at the strong wind and a young tree, comparison writing.

The wind shifting leaves left and right, and branches moving up and down.
A residing peace comes into my mind, an emotional and mental balance.
As the sun shines brightly beaming rays onto the ground.
Even with this peace a constant struggle persists.
As leaves try to stay attached to the branches, the wind sometimes move violently over, tearing apart leaves from the tree.
What a friend considers sometimes me going through a battle, quenched in a corner fighting to get up.
I know that the fallen leaves will always nourish the young tree, as the tree continues to grow.
As to me, a queen, which will show myself more brilliantly, renewed, with every movement.


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