Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Flowing Sheets

This is not a figment of my imagination but thoughts flowing out my heart, like a melody.
Picturing beautiful sheer white sheets flowing in the air in a soothing white room dimly lit.
Moving like a gentle breeze passing through the sheets causing a light white hue.
A light soft aroma radiating inside the room leaving a sense of quietness, peace, and warmth.
Appearing from sheets a soft white light a soothing white light shows.
As I gently touch my fingers to my chest like the sheets from through the air.
Thinking earlier in the day I miss certain things that I was blessed with, tears dropping from my eyes.
Bundled up like a child, knowing I'm not alone, hoping.
Pondering in the moment of now, feeling my hands glide across my lips like a airy breeze against my soft skin.
Continuing on back to my school work, praying internally.
Listening to music, I smile, I think of the beautiful person beside me and say.
“You will be okay. Just continue pushing and find your beauty.”


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This poem paints a picture so clear that I feel I can see it. Did you ever smell sheets after they've been hung outside to dry? It's one of the smells from my childhood.

You're like a lot of people, searching for the beauty inside yourself and not finding it. You ARE a beautiful person, inside and out, but you don't recognize it. You have a big heart, and anyone with a big heart is automatically beautiful. You are kind and loving, and those two assets add to your beauty. Think of how I see you, and maybe you'll realize that there is so much beauty inside you.

Thank you for sharing your poem. I loved it.