Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Life is a beautiful mosaic of different colors, a rainbow.
Peacful thoughts coming in to mind, pondering the great picture.
Cherishing each sparkle of life, the essence of everything.
Looking at the magnificent reflections, a pretty shadow, of a big picture.
As in time, quietly pondering, realizing many facets of it.
For in this life, we are meant to grow, evolve, change, with one another.
Each person adding their unique qualities, to the collective.
The collective of mind, body, spirit.


This is for people who show hate and bigotry to others, just because of their differences.

Monday, June 21, 2010



This piece of paper is empty, so I lay here contemplating a throught to write.

My mind thinks pondering many images appearing vividly, a rainbow; dynamic with bright lights of pure radiance.

I still lay here with many fears, like a rainbow going into a prism, creating chaotic light.

Still, beautiful with many shades, but behind the reflection. It's a quiet place, some fears visible to the naked eye.

Here I push with hope behind a faith, that it will be seen.

So, as I lay here, now with a full piece of paper, let my body fall into a quiet sleep.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Train Ride

The Train Ride

I see so many people on this train, I just wonder.
There are two young Asian girls dressed casually but having fashionable sense, carrying a yellow plastic bag of snacks
A husband sitting right next to me with his wife across from him, they both are tourist from the map guide in his hand
A young lady standing at the door in her own world, listening to music through earphones, carrying a bag from the dry cleaners.
A young male wearing khaki shorts and blue polo shirt, with his bike, who gave directions to a lady.
A young couple sitting across from me, listening to music, sharing one pair of earphones.
A family of 4, the parents, and two young kids playing in the corner train seats. The parents talking to each other.
A interracial couple across from me in the middle of the train sitting, the guy caressing the female legs while she sits near a door.
Where do I fit into this picture?
I'm pondering thoughts, what is my role in all of this, who am I.
As I think about life, as the train travels to the next stop.


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So many things.

My life, I saw a friend of mine, my cousin, she is more of a friend yesterday. Still, it was good but it made me realize so many things, I was wearing my typical fitted jeans and t-shirt, and a baseball cap. So, I look like a tomgirl.

Anyway, from conversation with my family not her, it reminded me how my parents think there is some major epic problem with me. There isn’t a problem, like I want to be 100% happy, but knowing no matter what I will be looked down upon. I fill like 80% and I want to bring my queen back. Viva la Vivianne.