Saturday, May 29, 2010

On The Quiet

On The Quiet

I hear two birds chirping waiting for spring rainfall.
As the spring thunderstorm comes near, I sit peacefully thinking of life.
My desires, my goals, and my dreams being thought of with self-assurance.
Pondering the secrets inside my heart, meditating peaceful thoughts.
Wishing I can share my dreams with another, calming my spirit.
When the first water drops, it will echo the reflections of my thoughts.
So, in this light, I rest my soul.
Sitting in tranquility.

Vivianne Anthony


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Monday, May 24, 2010

Random thought of the day

I have not written in a while, so I figure I’ll do it now. Where do I start? I’m not sure where, but I write something.

I was reading a documentary about humans and space exploration, and personally I’ve been following the private space industry. It’s really sad how space exploration have not changed much in the last few decades. There have been so many advances that haven’t been put into practice, for example, the space shuttle could have been replaced to a second version with technical advances. It seems everyone is bent on hurting others and being mean spirited. That includes everything from killing others or turning a blind eye to people of need, recently a man died in the street while people passed him. People are quick to text a friend or call someone on a cell phone, but those same people could not dial 911. That’s all they needed to do.

Now, recently someone called my changes just a physical change. Really! That is like saying to a pregnant women she is just going through emotional changes. That annoyed me. I think someone needs to realize now I have to carry the burden of a male making sure all the needs of my spouse is provided for including children. I also carry the emotional, mental, and physical burden of a women, of course nothing that deals with the uterus but pretty much everything else. It’s a weight of two people on one person.

People can tell me otherwise, I am open to thoughts.

Now, I can talk about my family. I did see them about a month ago. I talked to both my parents which went okay. I finally went fishing with my father after 30+ years. I can sit do and spend some quiet time with him. There are more details but it is not the time or place to write it.

I am not sure what else to write but there will be more.


Monday, May 17, 2010



I’m listening to music right now, sitting peacefully, reflecting upon my passing days.
My heart listening, calmly, letting go quiet tears, forgetting everyday loneliness.
A tranquil presence smiles, calming, expressing myself in soothing words.
Quietly whispering as my lips move in unison, intimately, opening my heart.
Touching my hair softly, sweeping it to my side pulling it with my fingertips, revealing my eyes.
Looking up, smiling meeting your eyes, whispering soft words.



I know many will not see me; they automatically want to see what they know.
They will not let go of the pass, funny. I’ll just smile for the future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So, Yea. I song with the choir in front of the church for the first time today. It was good. I kinda was expecting to be in front of the church in the choir, Sunday, I guess that was not the plan, let me say Gods plan.

I am going have so many eyes watching me. So, I guess I am living the slogan, just do it. If anyone wants to come to the church, hit me up.