Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is a new start of my poetry. I'm taking a moment to breath consider it a rebirth so come with me on this ride. Through trial and tribulations, I will succeed. Like a eagle soaring through the sky. Note. I am in College in the Honor's Program and working! I'm learning CGI/Computer Graphics 3d Animtions.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What would a sister say?

What would a sister say?

Juggling random feelings in my head a sense of loneliness, despair, and contemplations
Feelings that I know, is meant to lay burdens and doubt onto my heart.
What would a sister say?
Wondering curiously thinking about how to tell a beautiful sister positive affirmations.
Saying “Do not worry, You are a beautiful women.” slightly turning my head, creating a soft breeze against my skin.
What would a sister say?
Waiting quietly settling down waiting for a great Comforter to rest their hands on me.
Smiling saying to the beautiful sister, everything is well.
Slowly lifting her chin.
What would a sister say?
Thinking I might have said what a true sister will say.


PS. Will be Vivienne soon

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Flowing Sheets

This is not a figment of my imagination but thoughts flowing out my heart, like a melody.
Picturing beautiful sheer white sheets flowing in the air in a soothing white room dimly lit.
Moving like a gentle breeze passing through the sheets causing a light white hue.
A light soft aroma radiating inside the room leaving a sense of quietness, peace, and warmth.
Appearing from sheets a soft white light a soothing white light shows.
As I gently touch my fingers to my chest like the sheets from through the air.
Thinking earlier in the day I miss certain things that I was blessed with, tears dropping from my eyes.
Bundled up like a child, knowing I'm not alone, hoping.
Pondering in the moment of now, feeling my hands glide across my lips like a airy breeze against my soft skin.
Continuing on back to my school work, praying internally.
Listening to music, I smile, I think of the beautiful person beside me and say.
“You will be okay. Just continue pushing and find your beauty.”


Monday, January 10, 2011

The Person Besides Me

The Person Besides Me

As I lay in my bed trying to sleep in a restless night praying internally that I get some sleep.
Opening my eyes late in the midnight hours, I blink my eyes.
Waking up to a dark bedroom with a comforter keeping me warm and a soft pillow under my head.
I see a female laying in the bed with me just looking at me talking to me without words.
The female looks young, a black female with smooth golden brown skin flawless, brown crystal eyes that shimmered, short silky smooth hair like a beautiful porcelain doll.
As we lay on the bed together watching each other, time just pausing itself, now seconds seemed like eternity.
I see her more clearly seeing though her eyes. I see she is hurting, crying, and internally bleeding. A loneliness inside her heart taking away from the beauty.
A innocent child looking at me beautiful but a pain of helplessness.
As I look into her eyes, I realize I was seeing myself, not sure of what time or future it is, but I was confident that person I was seeing was me.
Comforting her, I motion my hand in a palm, lifting her cheeks towards me so I can see her directly, feeling her delicate soft skin against my hands.
As she begins to speak to me. I hear soft words being spoken somewhat, tranquil, a gentle calmness.
As I lean over towards her, I look closely into her eyes.
“You are me. It will be okay.” as I whisper to her with the gentle touch of my hand. My eyes blinks again, I'm back in my room.
In my dark bedroom, my comforter keeping me warm with a soft pillow under my head.
Late in the midnight hour it is.
I'm laying in the bed now puzzled, fully aware of what just happened..
I blink again realizing, I want to see her again to comfort her knowing she exist. Now thinking that person might have just been me.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wrote this a few days ago, before the status. Still feel now, I have to be happy as is!!!


Sitting here glad to be with the family finally, a long journey for us all.
A little depressed knowing people only accept only a part of me, not what my close connections see.
Feeling hurt as my thoughts are up and down.
I will be okay. That is what is done best.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Girl

Little Girl

A girl walking down the street, stared at by others for flaws insignificant
imperfections to be ridiculed or judged.

A living mockery used to build that persons ego and self-righteousness.

Living in a cold and indifferent society, I pause.

Now looking into a mirror naked, innocent, and vulnerable like a child.

Enduring individuals ignorance and stupidity. The failing of people lack of compassion and understanding.

Wanting to cry and scream a spectrum of feelings and thoughts. Forcing myself to strive, painfully smiling every step taken.

Still picturing the black porcelain doll living this life.

Standing in this train, now trying to breath looking around.

This little girl.

Vivianne Anthony

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Reflection

I haven't written in a while but giving it a try, it's about what has been going on a little.

A Reflection.
Looking into the frosted mirror contemplating many thoughts
Watching myself taking each day in stride, knowing there will be challenges.
Knowing many friends are here, trying to comfort me.
But thinking at the end of the day, a feeling of loneliness falls upon me.
Constantly pushing myself to the limits, breaking down recently trying to breath.
Thinking, why can't she be in the mirror?
Giving me a soft gentle look, holding my hands.
As I keep pushing in strength and faith.


Friday, August 20, 2010

New Life, poetry and thoughts

So, I hear drinking, a beer, watchingvarious makeup and hair videos. Thinking of a perfect nice look,totally pretty style. What a combination, but it's me, listening to music also. Now the thought, I can honestly say, I am transparent. Living my life without a doubt, still going through trail and tribulations. With many prayers and support, I'm making it but not alone but with others.

Much of my family will not be with me because of the feeling of, what I should be, or what they imagined me to be. Even some friends, will always think of me before. The latter is not being done purposely. Still, it makes everything so much harder, trying to let go of being the person everyone else wanted or wants.

But in that light, I will speak the words that comes to my heart.

New Life
As new life, breaths through me, my heart opens seeing the world in new light.
Through many trails, I'm moving ahead in this world with others.
Reaching into my heart, soft whispers growing stronger, one day showing itself.
Living, breaking down, what others perceives my heart to be, but living ones destiny.
One day dancing, dress flowing around me, looking up knowing I lived.
Knowing in the end, I can say, I did not hide.


PS. So, this goes out to my future wife, and family!