Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lonely Women

Lonely Women….

Masquerading a secret mask a soft lonely enchanted gem.
Remembering broken memories creating shattered fragments, twinkling glitter filling the air.
Listening intuitively observing the unspoken words of ones surroundings, a timeless mosaic of flickering leafs.
Longing to find an inner presents, a lonely women, always buried, partially revealed though layers of subtle foundations and mascara.
Observing to understand life precious moments, treasures more priceless as time passes by.
Creating now a present day disguise that satisfies this chaotic world, a temporary cage. An equally despised and hated existence, the impressions of old recollections.
Standing in a mystic sky, angelic, looking up. Still covered, hidden, a precious jewel completely exposed.
Waiting for moments to be open, truly oneself.

Vivianne Summers