Friday, August 20, 2010

New Life, poetry and thoughts

So, I hear drinking, a beer, watchingvarious makeup and hair videos. Thinking of a perfect nice look,totally pretty style. What a combination, but it's me, listening to music also. Now the thought, I can honestly say, I am transparent. Living my life without a doubt, still going through trail and tribulations. With many prayers and support, I'm making it but not alone but with others.

Much of my family will not be with me because of the feeling of, what I should be, or what they imagined me to be. Even some friends, will always think of me before. The latter is not being done purposely. Still, it makes everything so much harder, trying to let go of being the person everyone else wanted or wants.

But in that light, I will speak the words that comes to my heart.

New Life
As new life, breaths through me, my heart opens seeing the world in new light.
Through many trails, I'm moving ahead in this world with others.
Reaching into my heart, soft whispers growing stronger, one day showing itself.
Living, breaking down, what others perceives my heart to be, but living ones destiny.
One day dancing, dress flowing around me, looking up knowing I lived.
Knowing in the end, I can say, I did not hide.


PS. So, this goes out to my future wife, and family!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, and how true! Be yourself always.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said these words in a completely different context:
"Free at last! Thank God, I'm free at last!"

I'm happy that you've found yourself and that you express your feelings in such a beautiful way.