Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Train Ride

The Train Ride

I see so many people on this train, I just wonder.
There are two young Asian girls dressed casually but having fashionable sense, carrying a yellow plastic bag of snacks
A husband sitting right next to me with his wife across from him, they both are tourist from the map guide in his hand
A young lady standing at the door in her own world, listening to music through earphones, carrying a bag from the dry cleaners.
A young male wearing khaki shorts and blue polo shirt, with his bike, who gave directions to a lady.
A young couple sitting across from me, listening to music, sharing one pair of earphones.
A family of 4, the parents, and two young kids playing in the corner train seats. The parents talking to each other.
A interracial couple across from me in the middle of the train sitting, the guy caressing the female legs while she sits near a door.
Where do I fit into this picture?
I'm pondering thoughts, what is my role in all of this, who am I.
As I think about life, as the train travels to the next stop.


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