Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thought before bed

Writing a quick blog before heading to bed. This is the latest update of the transition. Do to some circumstance at work I think I want to reveal more information of what’s going on slowly. The shorter version, a coworker plays around with me like any typical guy would who would joke around with another guy. The problem it’s physical, so my chest area has changed to the point; I do no like to get tapped in the chest area unless it’s under specific situations. I discussed this with management (my boss who I am keeping informed) so they will talk to the person; but at some point I will have to also. Overall, to resolve some future problems I might have. I have to dress more normal like I do outside of work which is fully female at the job. This opens up a new can of worms to deal with.

I kinda realized I can joke around with guys like before and take steps that would not put me in uncomfortable circumstances.

Vivianne Summers

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