Friday, September 11, 2009

Question about breast

Yesterday was an interesting day because how people responded to me. I did a lot of shopping for things I need as for clothing and grocery shopping.

First off I want to write about a conversation I had with a friend, which is fine but at the latter end. I was bothered about a question. The question asked was “What breast size are you?” It really annoyed me with the transition that’s happening.

In the past, when I was cross-dressing a lot, so putting on fake boobs was simple. Add some silicone packs and my natural men chest will appear somewhat like breast. The realization now at the present, I have breast and find the term somewhat derogatory and especially that question. We have the tendency especially males marvel at breast about how soft and plush they may are, a little plaything.

The fact is males do not know the long nights when the breast are sore and sleeping on them is bothersome, humid and hot temperature that leaves the breast sweaty and sometimes disgusting, or during a cycle how the additional weight is sometimes a pain. There are many more things that happens, but that is a highlight.

I feel the question is personal and private, and I can understand why someone would likely to offense including. I asked a female friend of mine later in the night. She even said the question is rude and inconsiderate, so please note everyone. Try to refrain from saying boobs to females or treat breast as some object, hopefully someone understands.

In the morning, I did some shopping for belts and a shirt at Marshall’s. It was weird in the sense I use to shop for female clothing it was so simple. Get a whole bunch of black clothing and jeans but I cannot do that anymore. This time it was difficult because I had buy clothing that I would normally wear. For people who started to read my blog, what does a female wear normally? I cannot say dress because this is how I dress mostly now. I cannot hide breast or behind, so I have to dress accordingly. The cashier talked to me as an Ms which was cool and it made me a little relieved.

Grocery shopping was a little better; the last time I went grocery shopping some mother asked a child if I was male or female. That sums up most of the day yesterday.


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