Monday, March 15, 2010

The Castle

Now I am myself, I am what you see, which is awesome. I’m still hurt by the many years of trying to be myself. People would tell me go ahead and dress, then I hear rumors and gossip about me. Also, the same people would tell me hide myself because society will not accept me as an individual, that I might offend people, that I might affect business. It sometimes was what so called friends didn’t say about me that hurt. It burned me emotionally.

I love that person no matter what, it was me, and it will stick with me forever.

Each passing day my personal makeup, experiences and thoughts change. So, in that light, I will push to change, I have to create my castle filled with butterflies. It has been super hard sometimes.


Hey, Girl. I’m in my castle, and I am the non-dramatic Queen.


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