Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Life Gifts and Not" and "If You Knew"

Life Gifts and Not

I'm not looking for a reaction just showing my reflections. First, I am happy for the friends who care about my being. This is hard for me and emotional to the point, I dont know how to express it sometimes. I feel people put me in a stone box of misconceptions and irrelevant perceptions. I've always been honest with others;it hurts that its used against me.

The fact:: No matter what, I will be honest, sincere, and unique. Even if it hurts, my heart will be caring. Just one day I hope someone sees that and accept me for my strengths and weaknesses,


If You Knew

If someone wonders, what was sacrifaced, everything I knew and was. Knowing I may never fully be accepted.

It was not a easy choice, it was not a option.

It was something sacrifaced, now being a part of me.

I can finally begin to smile.

Vivianne Summers

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