Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Do I depend on anything or anyone? I haven’t in the past but need to now.
The question is how. Blinded by my past securities, now living to a world unknown smiling.

I did not go outside 1 o’clock to get fresh air; my body was emotionally breaking, tired wanting to breathe. Almost to the point, where my body, becomes sick for months; a battle that I fought so many times, last time a half of year. Considering all the changes, this is the last thing, I want.

A realization is happening, I’m not alone. If I’m quiet, I am not quiet for peace of mind, but quiet because I’m exhausting all my energy just to hang in there. It’s been my suffocating right.

From this suffocating right; the silence will become noise and the loneliness will become community. The heart will become stronger and my beauty will become brighter.

Vivianne Summers

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