Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If I knew how to be ...

If I knew how to be rich from writing, I would sit down, think, and write about the world. Everything I experienced doing my life, and maybe defy all logic.

There is no recent news; I’m working for thanksgiving which is depressing. I’ve spent the last two weeks dealing with an upper manager making work horrible. A friend of mine asked me if I would do a photo shoot for her school project, that will be exciting and a good change. I had an electrolysis session so my skin is still swollen but that will heal in a few days. I wish I can come up with some extra money for electrolysis session in a week. It would be sweet if my previous photographer took pictures also.

If anyone curios about the change a.k.a transition, that is fine. I am dealing with more irresponsible and immature behavior from some people specifically some random kids. The sad part is I am more hurt from a superficial supportive friend for things she said in the last 7 months; I skipped her dinner yesterday because of it.

If someone wonders if I looking for an answer to all of this, there isn’t. It would be nice to see family. It would be fantastic to do few more electrolysis session before next week is out. It would be awesome to find the miracle additional income I need considering the economy is bad. The only thing I can count on in this economy is my friends, family, hard work, and my faith.

I really need to go bra and more clothing shopping, more importantly get more electrolysis. I have to register for class soon.

A friend mentioned I should check out some reality TV auditions. I might consider that, there is always you tube. That reminds me I need to post a video off my camera and make a new one. The video is two weeks old so if I post some, there will be two videos posted.

There might be more to write today, if I think of something. I will post it.


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