Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Day

Another Day

This is not a major update just dealing with work and transition. I wish some people would just call me Vivianne. Whenever I hear Avery I always have the feeling they are not accepting it. Co-workers I do not mind because I have not told them Vivianne, but so called friends I do mind. My job is accepting it which is really good.

It looks like the morning routine is a little bit different in the sense I have to do my hair before leaving out the house. Also, by the way, I’m posting a few pictures up later, not of me but things I saw in NYC hanging out with some friends. Since I am feeling freezing cold, this entry is going be short.

What aggravated me today? A rude customer who was angry she had to wait, so she spent a few minutes pointing out that I’m a guy in front of everyone. There was a customer who made a comment to me, not sure if she thought I was male or female. There was some guy walking down the street from electro who made some weird noise walking by.


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