Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hidden Message

Hidden Message

Some people might think my expression is wrong a bad direction, a sinful or self-righteous act. Don’t people see something beautiful, not just a person who can be beautiful even pretty but also a person who wants to look it. Like little pink flowers drawn in an incomparable delicate pure white mosaic but sometimes fragile that calms one nerve. My mosaic lifted up day to day through quiet prayers slowly being answered.

Maybe I should have kept it a secret, something not revealed hidden, a reflection both mental and physical, never touched or known. Keeping a fabricated half-truth to keep everyone content. A reality that everyone wants to believe and see, a lie, something to be comfortable with. A broken mosaic held only by a light and close connections.

I have kept myself hidden, daily, memories of a lifetime buried, withering away day to day. Knowing to be transparent would lead to hurt, pain, and rejection. A step taken without regret, having an existence that is true. Knowing society norms, standards, and inclinations to false realities fits in but being something genuine, is right.

I’m a pink rose masked behind soft candlelight, revealing one through soft words.

Vivianne Summers


Vivianne Summers said...

The Cross

I saw the movie. It was one of the must enlightening movies seen; solidifying my belief. Skipping the fact of feeling resentment with mentioned, knowing that it was to be help. The title so transparent, as a bright light on a sunny clear day, it is so hard not to miss. My beliefs are not the question; my trust to be transparent is.

Anne said...

Part of the journey for all of us is questioning. We act, then question, then act, then question again. Each one of us is a baby taking its first steps. You are far from being alone in having to draw courage. We all do. The beauty of the situation is that most times you can retrace your steps and adjust your life to the way you want it to be. Look back sometimes and see how far you've come. Have faith in yourself and in your friends. True friends love you no matter who or what you are.