Friday, April 3, 2009



Beautiful to me soft, innocent, dainty, pleasant, romantic, elegant, and charming an enlightenment that cannot be described with simple words; but something we are aware of, seeing or touching it. You smile when it appears, a magnificent light with such clarity it shines upon but it just as fragile as a feather gliding through the air.

As long as I remember, I masked all my emotions and feelings, in a worldly form a tough interior and exterior. Based upon what everyone wants to see, something people want to be safe in. Praying day to day just to survive, praying for new hope and the mask is never broken. Knowing to be transparent will lead to pain, anger, and regret. Tearing apart what I created.

The princess in a beautiful snow globe might be a metaphor or a truth. While growing up playing with a snow globe imagining a white dress watching white shining flakes flowing down or a dancer is wearing a soft pink dress in en Pointe. Or maybe a young girl with green eyes as rare pink diamond, walking a great labyrinth, among a rainbow of flowers, pathways and directions revealing endless possibilities. As I am walking a bright light gazing upon watching every direction taken.

Vivianne Summers

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Anne said...

So beautiful and so well said. A lifetime of pretension has to be sheer agony. Anyone who has lived that way knows how impossible it is. The best advice I ever had was from my dad. He said, "Above all, be true to yourself." Whatever you are, be it. Whatever you feel, express it. Life isn't meant to be lived in the shadows. Be the ballerina; be the princess; be everything you ever wanted to be, and be happy with yourself!

At the end of the journey, what matters? What others think? What the norm is? The norm is changing every day, anyway. When the end comes, know that you have lived your life on your own terms. You will be so much happier, and even friends will love you more because you're being yourself, not a phony.

Try not to worry too much. You're like a beautiful flower that has grown older but never bloomed, and you're in the process of exploring what it's like to bloom for all the world to appreciate. Anyone who would criticize you has never walked in your footsteps.

You're doing beautifully! As a friend, I am proud to know you.