Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

Hidden in a Pandora box, a perfect square, black outside but a pink inside.

A little princess gazing upward, staring at a bright light shining, laying down on a green field, patches of pink lilies and roses leaving a soothing aroma.

A box inside with sides of friends, family, and society life experiences and paradoxes.

Reflecting on the outside a mold. Made to fit everyone expectations and desires, conforming to society over time. Always a box, with a light shining through the exterior from above.

A box now shattered partially, only revealing a young lady, speaking mannered thoughts and writing in distinctly soft words. An inner beauty, exquisite, a lady wanting to express herself.

A box not revealed to keep friends, family, and society unconcerned, a mask carefully planted. Strong, determined, masculine, willing, living the very ideals society believes. I'm physically caged, in a box, a choice not made.

Hiding someone beautiful, warm, elegant, delicate, and dainty seen through enchanting crystal eyes and eloquent words.

The very core of my strength, the essence, depended on daily, but fully hidden, screaming to be heard and seen. A enchanting princess adorned in white holding hands to the air, looking upon the light, looking upon a pink butterfly hovering in the air looking upon oneself. An ice princess.


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Anne said...

How eloquently you have expressed the predicament of your life! The concept of the perfect black box, which everyone sees, versus the soft pink interior with a princess crying out, is amazing and creative. It is a sad picture, but a beautifully told one. My questions to you: Isn't it time to stop screaming? To stop pretending? To live your life the way you were born to live it? I pray that your journey will result in happiness and the greatest relief. I love that pink princess, and I want others to see what I see. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.