Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When I Fall Down

When I Fall Down

As I think about each passing day
Each day is a new beginning, to a destination, a point already planned.
As I ponder, I can't see what changes that will occur in my life.
My heart, says, this is the right time, and the right moment as always.
A life that is meant to be, different, but true to every heart I touched.
Through many struggles, trails, and tribulations that I could never imagined.
I will make it, through faith with others.
When I fall down, I will get up, but not alone this time.
As, I always done, coming in full circle with new family.


PS. Glowing with beautiful radiance, I will one day shine. Inspired by “We Fall Down” Donne McClurkin and life struggles

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Anonymous said...

This beautiful poem only confirms my feelings that the writer of the poem is in a class by herself. This woman will not fit the mold of the rest of her family. She will win her game! This woman understands that everyone stumbles but that the strong people get back up and keep going. You have such a BEAUTIFUL way of saying it!