Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Twinkling Rebirth

The Twinkling Rebirth

I am trying to think of a great philosophy, an analogy but I most pause myself.
I have written many thoughts, that reveal deep emotions, sometimes buried feelings.
My life around me is evolving, what was, is the past. I must realize this.

It is different, I always felt femininity.

Femininity, an inner beauty I seen in a twinkling of an eye, the expressions I always admired.
The timeless reflections of empathy, joy, love, emotion, pain, struggle, sometimes limitless.
The signs of motherhood, intuition, creativity, life, and rebirth, the nurturing spirit.

My suffocating right is here, but it’s a rebirth, I lived one life and started another.
The very inner beauty I admired is now me, the essence, I am.

After reading this, there is no one true metaphor or thought.

For through this femininity, the very essence of my being, through many struggles. An inner beauty of joy, love, and emotion will live. For it is my rebirth, that will twinkle in my eyes.

Vivianne Summers

PS. I went to a party last night, and admired one of the ladies there. Now reflecting upon it today,
I think I was admiring what I could be, what I must strive to achieve. Knowing, I have the same beauty.


Anonymous said...

I admire the insights you have here into your new being. If you think about it, the parallels between real birth and rebirth are interesting. From a baby's perspective, the process of birth first begins with stirrings of a need to move on, and continues with something propelling it further. It enters a dark tunnel and has no idea where it will end, but the baby propels itself toward that ending anyway. Then comes the moment of birth when light illuminates the child, and a new life begins.

What you have been through is that same process. It began with yearnngs and stirrings that you wanted something different, followed by years in darkness, not knowing which direction to go in. Finally, a glimmer of light showed you the direction you wanted, and you propelled yourself into being.

It was illuminating and wonderful to read what you wrote about the woman at the party. You didn't say, "I want to be just like her." If you had, your goal would have suggested that you wanted to copy her. Rather, you admired her qualities and wanted to emulate them. In other words, you are confident in your own sexiness and womanliness, but there are other qualities you strive for. Your thoughts about this brave, new journey you're on seem stable and healthy.

Continued best wishes on your evolution from what you once wished to be into what you now know you can be. My heart and soul are with you every step of the way.

Vivianne Summers said...

I'm trying. There are a lot of people stuck in their ways.