Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My transition if someone wants to call it

My transition if someone wants to call it that is going okay. Therapy is going okay and hormone therapy is going well not much negative response. Still I am annoyed with a few friends who are not taking the changes as well as I thought. Others who understand what is happening seem to not understand the reality of it. In many ways, I’m not cross-dressing anymore; it is a way of life and will continue to be while showing more day to day.

At a request of a friend, I am going post more updates about my transition and everyone feel free to write or leave any comments.

My breast is always sore from growth, which it is getting bigger and my butt is getting plump as typical of a female. It’s been 4 months and there seems to be noticeable changes.

If anyone curious how I will deal with work. I discussed it with my boss who knew I was going through multiple therapies for sometime now. There has been enough little changes that it became really obvious.

I will go to work and do my job as usual, even if my transition is happening. Mentally I think the same, so in a way, it is something I’m comfortable with. It is more how other people will react then I will react. I was mistakenly called Maam at work, and girlfriend a couple of times. I do not think that’s bad and it shows how I established many of my friendships.


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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a tendency among many of us to focus on the physical aspects, and I suppose that's natural. It's the most obvious sign of changes we have. At the same time, as you say, there is so much more to this process. I'm glad you are willing to post about it. I hope I'm not one of the friends who is thinking wrong about this transition or is saying the wrong thing. Try to be patient with us. We have no idea what you're going through, especially emotionally, so we're ignorant about a lot of it. Many times, we mean well, but you['ll have to tell us how you do NOT want to be trested. You mention reactions to the hormones and say that you haven't had many. What ones have you experienced? Is the person prescribing the hormones a licenced MD? Please don't call me naive; I really don't know. It sounds like you're suffering some to reach your goal. Best of luck to you.