Friday, May 29, 2009

What Is

What Is

I do not question what if, it’s seemingly childish, it is asking about something inevitable. Life is not about experiencing what if but it is about living what is, something destined.

Significantly growing all senses over time, emotionally coping as new situations appear, mentally challenging one mind day to day, and physically pushing one body through everyday situations.

Now quietly sitting down, slowing rolling my fingers on my back, my body now changing everyday, closing my eyes. Napping in a light trance, the same senses with new meanings.

I exist.

Vivianne Summers


The Blobg said...

Hi, saw your post on absolutedommes, so thought I would check out your writings. Some of your old writings are stronger because your images are more concrete. You refer to specific things like flowers and birds and snow globes to convey your feelings. This piece feels abstract,like it came from your head without your heart. It feels sterile. foggy bottom

Anonymous said...

I like this poem! I like it because it begins by drawing a contrast between "what if" and "what is." You might have illuminated that contrast a little more sharply and in a little more detail, but that's OK. You've drawn the contrast. I also like the way you talk about the trials, then end softly, resigned to your fate and apparently calm and happy. Your last two words give the impression that you have never existed before, until now. I like that. It says to me that, despite everything, you are pushing forward and are heading for your destiny. Nice thoughts! I appreciate being able to read them.