Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grand Canyon - Ghost

Grand Canyon - Ghost

Standing in a corner, one spot, and eyes looking around for help, an escape, and a route out.

Crowds watching thought to be close but far away looking away, distant stars, distorted not listening to the echoing sounds.

Contemplating dazed puzzled and worried eyes questioning every millisecond, now becoming seconds.

Convictions becoming so strong, deeply protective, raw, and unfaltering externally. Ashamed, weakened, vulnerable, unwanted coldness subconsciously cascading like a tidal wave, internally, battle raging.

All senses of security falling down, internal disgust in ones thought. Disgrace so prevalent.

Hands grappling on, gripping ones awareness, a look to hold on to. Soft words spoken, an internal rose being called upon, picking up fragments, light touches of peace, focusing, internal charms overriding.


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